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Model: Bullet

"Just head out and go for a super easy super chill cruise and it is a ton of fun, like being a kid again. The one thing that can make this bike a whole lot more fun is a second one."

Volted Adventures

Model: Bullet

"I really like the way this bike looks, I like the way it rides, if you are looking for something that's street legal and you can enjoy almost anywhere, then this is the best affordable bike."


Model: Bullet

"Whether you're zipping through traffic, cruising uphill or enjoying a leisurely ride through the park, the RAEV Bullet delivers an exceptional experience."

TDR Drones Ebikes and Scooters

Model: Bullet

"The saddle is way more comfortable than I thought it was going to be. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable bikes I have now."


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Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"I'm loving it, and so are the ladies on the bike path"

Jacob Dark

Model: Bullet GT 28Ah

"The Bullet GT is an absolute stunner, this is the Brock Lesnar of e-bikes"

NPL Ventures

Model: Bullet GT 28Ah

"This bike competes with top names like ariel rider x-class, ride1up revv 1, and super73. The Bullet GT stands out due to the sleek design and massive battery capacity."


Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"The seat is a 9.5/10, it is perfect, this is fantastic of a seat, I love it. It is a very comfortable cruising e-bike."


Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"Oh my god, this thing riiiiiiips. We have put this thing through the absolute ringer here at the skatepark, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how this thing has survived."


Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"I‘m loving the look of the bike, it looks really cool, just like a little motorcycle"

Ravish Vlogs

Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"With Raev, I am missing the old days of my youth"


Model: Bullet GT 28Ah

"This is the coolest seats I've ever seen and it's made out of recycled materials...and this is the brightest and biggest headlight I've ever seen!"

E-Bikes Journeys

Model: Bullet GT 28Ah

"The build is very very simple, very very easy to do and the results are just beautiful. what a gorgeous looking e-bike!"


Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"They have very good customer service response, when I email them with any questions they respond right away."


Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"This is a real great looking eye-catching bike."

Scott Hardesty

Model: Bullet GT 20Ah

"I am definitely digging this Moto Style big headlight and also these almost BMX type handlebars."

Customer Reviews

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Raev GT/GTX, best e-Mopeds in its class!!

I have owned a V1 Raev Bullet GT & used it to commute in fall, & now spring, & have over 1,300 miles without an issue, mind you, I have an early prototype version, & there's NUMEROUS of us with over 1k trouble free miles, well, since the GTX was made from ALL our feedback as owners, it only made sense staying in the Raev family & just getting an upgrade, & the GTX IS JUST THAT! 👍💯
If you're 5'9" & under, you & a small passenger will fit on the GT, but if over 5'10", I'd get the GTX, the extra 4" in seat height & 2" in seat length really help!

Robin Romer
Great bike!

Great bike! Lots of power and a fun and comfortable ride!

Kathy Younce
RAEV GT Bullet

I received my e-bike in a reasonable timeframe from the manufacturer. The packaging of this bike was exceptional which I am glad about since it looked like it has been thrown off the top of a building during shipment. There was some minor damage to the pant on the frame but all in all it was in good shape. The top battery does not lock into place with the key and is constantly falling out while driving around. Not sure if it is a bad battery problem or the latch is blown on the bike itself. With this delivery I was to receive the fenders in a separate shipment to arrive at a later date. They took forever to arrive. Again, the box was badly damaged. It was so bad off you could see it was retaped during shipment. To no surprise it was missing several parts for installation. Long story short I love the bike only I cannot assemble the fenders since I do not have all the parts and the battery cinstantly falling out while riding is a real pain.

Hey Kathy, thanks for the feedback, and sorry to hear about the problems. Please send us a message with your order number so we can send you replacements for the missing parts. Thanks!

Teena Higgins

I like my bike. I asked for a new display box not for new finders. My display box was scratched. I sent Ann s pic.

Hi Teena, please send us a message about your concern and your order number so we can help you accordingly. Thanks!

Jade Adrian Famulag

Bullet GT