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Rear Rack for Bullet GT V1

Rear Rack for Bullet GT V1

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Bullet GT V1

Customer Reviews

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Bryan Bodner
Back screw hole threaded

The back screw hole came threaded. After a long search, I found a screw that appeared to be able to fit in. After a few rides, the back fell as this one screw was not strong enough, even though it appeared to work. The back screw failed and then broke the wheel cover, which, resulted in the backlight connection hold breaking as it fell. I will have to rethread it but the tire wheel cover with the electric light hold is broken and there is nowhere to buy another.
Can you please provide one?

Kenn Yoshizato
GT rack

The only issue is the rear screw is not the correct siize. I used my own screw.

Martin Williams
Bullet GT Rear rack

My rear rack for my Bullet GT arrived today. It looks like it'll take about 10 minutes to put on. I LIKE it! Thank you Raev!

Thanks Martin! Enjoy your new RAEV Bike!